Monday, February 18, 2019


"Imagine a scenario where a scary Tim Burton movie came true. Suddenly, the things in your scariest dreams are spontaneously generating on Earth. There are beasts running about, and skeleton-white creatures singing in the rain, and look, now it is raining hair–It seems like the brahmin caterpillar was born from such a scenario.
Although they are not harmful to you in any way, they look like terrors that were sent to plague the rest of the animal kingdom. Just have look at this thing! From the wackadoo head headgear to the black and pointed tail, it seems that they were geared for destruction. In reality, they are just kindly caterpillars; they do little more than eat and metamorphose into beautiful looking moths.
From the family of insects called Brahmaidae, it’s hard to imagine why such a bizarre looking thing exists, or what possible reason it has to look like this in its caterpillar stage. Some believe that the spindles on their heads help them blend in with the twigs and small branches found of foliage.  Certainly, when they are moths, they are perfectly camouflaged for trees. Also, once they turn into moths, they have a wingspan that can reach up to 20cm (just over 7 inches)."

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